Aug 5 – RezIpsa Loc

5 08 2009

It’s 37’C here – 37’C!!!! hotter than hell really… nothings better than running to the beach wearing our favorite swimsuits in this hot summer hehe~ RezIpsa Loc has some pretty cute bikinis for us ^^ the design is simple – nothing too fancy, but very cute 🙂
bikini: RezIpsa Loc – yellow sun/orange starfish/red habiscus/blue sea-horse/purple flower


July 11 – Surf Couture

11 07 2009

A quick post for this weekend!
This weekend, I’ve got something from… Surf Co.~
The Cabana Dress is soooooo summer in this lovely hot pink. I also like the scultped skirt which looks pretty natural and smooth 🙂
july10 - surf co
dress: Surf Couture – Cabana Dress – Pink/Teal
hair: ETD – Peppy – Dirty
skin: dhR – F01-SPK-P-G-B
eyes: **DP**yumyum – Mooney Eyes :glassy – Purple
shoes: .:Periquita – Beda Sandals – Coral
bangle: Fresh Baked Goods – Muted Pastile Hearts Bangle
necklace: Alienbear Designs – Princess Crown heart Kid necklace (Pink)
poses: *VAGO* – Bellezza 4, Vogue 6, Vogue 7

Colleen is one of their latest releases~ The shadings on the texture are pretty neat, and I like the simple design – well yes, I always like simple stuff 🙂
july11 - surf co
dress: Surf Couture – Colleen – Violet
hair: {fascino} – Licio – Cinnamon
skin: dhR – F01-SPK-P-G-B
eyes: Poetic Colors – quicksilver
shoes: (by Yelo Uriza) – Dorothy Bear Flats – Baby Pink
necklace: Alienbear Designs – Princess Crown heart Kid necklace (Pink)
nails: TaP – Lavender Nails
poses: *VAGO* – Fair 3, Automne 4, Glam 4

July 5 – Summer Lovin’ Hunt

5 07 2009

*VAGO*@Juicy has joined the Summer Lovin’ Hunt too 😀 Just look for the rainbow beachball (fairly easy =v=) and you’ll get this prize:
It's Summer! ad

Summer Lovin' Hunt Poster

June 28

28 06 2009

it’s almost july and it’s obviously already summer… hot like hell here in hong kong~ so it’s time to pull our bikinis out and look for a beach!
WigWamBam has some cute bikinis as their latest summer release 🙂 The design is not super complicated, but thats what i like. I think it’s very summer because of the lovely yellow color and the floral pattern~ they’re simple and perfect for summer 😀
bikini: WigWamBam – Bikini _Yellow/Black Flowery / Bikini _Mini Flowers Black Red
hair: Maitreya – Bo
skin: dhR – F01-Sweet Pink-P-G-B
poses: *VAGO* – It’s Summer!2 / It’s Summer!4v3 (soon be released)

oh and, yes i’m wearing a new skin, which is from dhR. I truly love the face cos it feels kinda natural, sweet and not too smooth, tho a bit shiny :)) each pack includes 3 eyebrows (brown, grey and light brown) and 2 lips (sheer and gloss),  so 6 skins are included~
skin: dhR – F01-Sweet Pink-P-G-B
hair: ETD – Gwen

Aug 7 – yep it’s summer~

7 08 2008

a typhoon has just gone away… and it’s hot like hell here lol anyway it’s summer ^^
beach @ Sweet Mermaid

(whoops moon in the morning lol~)

outfit + hat: M&R Cupcakes Buttons Dress – Silver/Black
hair: *TRUTH* –  Macy – Honey
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin v1.1(fair/normal/lip:B/lash:A)
bangle:~*FBG*~ Greyscale Pastile Hearts Bangle
please have a look at my picks for slurls and more information

Jun 6

6 06 2008

❤ cupcakes had a freebie hunt 😀 i got tons of cute things there 😛

I like this Lori Dress much cos it’s just sooo cute 😛 the bow in the back makes it even cuter. The adorable bangle im wearing is the Greyscale Pastile Hearts Bangle from Fresh Baked Goods. It goes with the lori dress pretty well and i just think they match perfectly~~

dress: ❤ Cupcakes – Lori Dress;
bangle: Fresh Baked Goods – Greyscale Pastile Hearts Bangle;
necklace: Alienbear Designs;
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin (fair/azure/lip:B/lash:B);
hair: ETD –  Lisa II – Cinnamon
(please check out my picks for slurls)

Another cute dress I got from ❤ cupcakes is the Cherry Dress. This fresh country look is simply perfect for summer. I’m also glad to have the muted version of Pastile Hearts Bangle from Fresh Baked Goods to go with the dress and add some colors to it ^^
( Oh look at that teddy lol yeah i’ve made some new bears and they’ll be released soon :P)

dress: ❤ Cupcakes – Cherry Dress;
bangle: Fresh Baked Goods – Muted Pastile Hearts Bangle;
necklace: MM – Yummy Charm Necklace in Sterling Silver;
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin (fair/jasper/lip:B/lash:A);
hair: ETD – Nadia – Chestnut;
shoes: Periquita – Retro Round pink
(please check out my picks for slurls)

May 19 – a violet summer!

19 05 2008

::eLDee::is having a sale so i paid a visit this evening~ not a lot of her outfits suit me, but i did find the Panze purple dress pretty interesting and i like it much 🙂 ok lets go for a violet summer 😛

dress: ::eLDee:: Panze purple
hair: ETD Jackie – Amethyst
teddy bear: my little violet love teddy 😛 (visit Teddy in Wonderland on Hong Kong Island :P)
heels: VIVA-Aemilia (Indigo/Violet)
eyes: D;A – Night-eyes Violet