June 28

28 06 2009

it’s almost july and it’s obviously already summer… hot like hell here in hong kong~ so it’s time to pull our bikinis out and look for a beach!
WigWamBam has some cute bikinis as their latest summer release 🙂 The design is not super complicated, but thats what i like. I think it’s very summer because of the lovely yellow color and the floral pattern~ they’re simple and perfect for summer 😀
bikini: WigWamBam – Bikini _Yellow/Black Flowery / Bikini _Mini Flowers Black Red
hair: Maitreya – Bo
skin: dhR – F01-Sweet Pink-P-G-B
poses: *VAGO* – It’s Summer!2 / It’s Summer!4v3 (soon be released)

oh and, yes i’m wearing a new skin, which is from dhR. I truly love the face cos it feels kinda natural, sweet and not too smooth, tho a bit shiny :)) each pack includes 3 eyebrows (brown, grey and light brown) and 2 lips (sheer and gloss),  so 6 skins are included~
skin: dhR – F01-Sweet Pink-P-G-B
hair: ETD – Gwen


May 29 – ISSIGONIS skins

29 05 2008

I was told that ISSIGONIS has some amazing skins, so i went to have a look with a friend… if i remember right, they have 3 skins for female and my favorite is Sayla~
Sayla has 3 tones (fair, medium and natural) and 4 make-ups (azure, jasper, normal and oynx), and each set includes 4 skins of one make-up, with different lashes and lips options. the skin is well-made and highly detailed, and please look at the feet! they’re truly amazing! definitely the best i’ve seen in sl so far… woot
sayla skin
sayla skin2
skin: ISSIGONIS – SAYLA (Fair/Azure)
pic taken in Oasis Bay