Aug 30 – Inara

30 08 2009

Summer hasn’t ended yet, but my vacation is almost ending… anyway, guess im back 😀
Inara has some pretty gowns as camping prizes 😀 Here are two of them – the red angel gown and the orient flower gown. i dont often wear red, not this red on the gown, but somehow i find it ok on the red angel gown and it feels kinda regal~ i especially like the orient flower gown. it can be worn with or without sleeves and theres a bow which im not wearing here~

inara - red angel gown
gown: Inara – Red Angel Gown (camping prize)
hair: Cu&D -Antoinette
skin: dhR – F01-SPK-P-G-B
pose: *VAGO* – Attitude 2

inara - orient flower gown
gown: Inara – Orient Flower Gown (camping prize) (wearing without side bow)
hair: ETD – Janae – Tawny
jewelry: ~flirt~ – Bloom Set:Black Onyx
skin: dhR – F01-SPK-P-G-B
pose: *VAGO* – Attitude 2


Feb 8 – something for the weekend..

8 02 2009

this weekend, if u have finished or got tired of all the hunts or become broke because of all the vday sales and have plenty of time, maybe camping for some pretty gowns can help u kill some time… tho 60 mins seem too much time to me~
these lovely gowns are by InaraSerra Jewell of Inara’s Fantasy Couture. they’ve dropped me the three gowns in the camping machines but i like the two posted here better 😛 i like the bleeding heart design on the left one in the pic, and the baby blue color is one of my fav 🙂  

(notes: it’s better to tint the prim sleeves and skirts a little or their color wont match the top)

gowns: Inara’s Fantasy Couture – Bleeding Heart Gown / Cool Baby Blue Gown
hair: ETD – Hermia
choker: Alienbear Design – Princess Nieve (white)
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla
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