I’ve created Dot in Second Life® to share my experience in SL™ with my readers, so I basically blog about anything I like. However, most of the posts are fashion-related and I do accept review copies, so here are my policies:

~ I accept review copies, but it’s my choice to blog them or not.
~ Please don’t drop me “adult things”, lol, you can judge what “adult things” are.
~ If you prefer me visiting your store and buying your things, just let me know by dropping me a notecard about your store and items that you want me to check out, along with a landmark.
~ I always try to blog things I got within a week, but please accept the fact that I’m a slow blogger 😛
~ If the item is already blogged several times on other blogs, I may not blog it at the time it’s released (unless I really really like it).
~ I do blog about events but note that I live in Hong Kong and most events are held while I’m sleeping. I can only attend those when I’m not asleep although I really love to attend events.
~ I blog about non-fashion-related items (like dogs, furniture, beautiful locations) on special occasions as well; i.e. quite rarely.


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