June 26 – Hair Fair 2009

26 06 2009

I’ve been away for a while mainly because I was being clumsy again and ended up in the hospital with a broken leg and two broken ribs – again – two weeks ago… but anyway, glad I could still drop in the hair fair sims quickly after I went home and got enough rest 🙂 the lag was horrible, and the sim design was.. erm, oh well.. there’re some nice hair styles, and ones below are four of my favorites in this year’s hair fair 🙂
(from left to right)
hair: Miau Haus – Saeya Hair / Maitreya – Bo / Maitreya – Dylan / {fascino} –  Licio


Feb 6 – Grid Wide “Kissed” Hunt by Vain. Inc

6 02 2009

grid wide kissed hunt
so the hunt has started! here are my prizes:

No. 148 ~ *VAGO* – Relaxing Vday
relaxing vday

No. 149 ~ Teddy in Wonderland – Rosy Teddy
Rosy Teddy

Nov 8

8 11 2008

this weekend…
i spent my day on this stunning island called Tempura. i heard ppl talk about it and i saw them blog about this beautiful island several times but never visited it till today. it’s really… glorious 🙂

this dress im wearing for this weekend is “magpie” from Paper Couture’s new fall collection – nice design, nice texture and nice prim work, what else can i comment on? 😛 ^^
dress: Paper Couture – magpie
hair: ETD Gwen – Dirty
jewelry: Alienbear – Princess Nieve
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla azure
please check out my picks for more slurls and store info

Oct 8

8 10 2008

today’s post is probably longer as it’s about an outfit, a place, a dog, and a sale 😛

I suppose everyone has already been to or heard of Magic of Oz~ the sim is glorious =] I wish there was such a place irl as Wizard of Oz is my fav musical really. this dorothy outfit by *katat0nik* is simply awesome. there are several wearing options, and a Toto pocket is included ^^
Dot in Oz~~
follow the yellow brick road ^^
Dot in Oz~
do u see the adorable puppy on my shoulder? her name is Cinnamon :p she can do a lot other than just looking cute~ they have a trailer here:
one of my fav features is that u can change the puppy’s clothes! how much? only 700L omg! (puppys from A.I.F. Pets)
Fashionable puppy
well i mentioned a sale at the beginning of this post… right, it’s my rl birthday tomorrow, so it gives me an excuse to do my first sale at pose store 😛 all the pose sets and the mermaid ao will be marked half off, which means each pose set will be 100L only and mermaid ao will be 250L ^^
*VAGO* Sale~
visit my store at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Juicy/101/12/23
ok one final thing, tomorrow is my rl bday, and the day after tomorrow is Juicy’s anniversary 😀 so to celebrate, i’ll be putting the Sunday Morning set in the cabana for 1L~ will mark it back to its original price afterwards.
Sunday Morning

May 26 – Purple Mood :P

26 05 2008

another casual post~
I’m in such a purple mood today… actually I’m often in that mood lol…
am wearing Divine Sisi Combo (Antique Purple) from Nicky Ree, taking pics in one of the most popular sims (recently) Chouchou ^^
purple mood...

should i play the piano?

yes it's purple mood lol
and i made a matching teddy with matching hats 😛
Yelo + Dot + Teddy
~more pics visit my flickr page =)

May 25 – chihuahua!

25 05 2008

Look at this cute chihuahua! i saw a very cute chihuahua on iCandy and i thought i must see the “real” thing in-world~ so i visited Pet Village Japan – a beautiful japanese sim, and found that theres also a black chihuahua!


(click to enlarge)

May 16 – C&O-Ciliegia & Orchid

16 05 2008

C&O-Ciliegia &Orchid has moved to their own sim and they’re giving out a free garden set (and 2 living room sets and a light i heard) =) i’ve liked their furniture since a long time ago~~ Yelo Uriza told me that they’ve also set up a kiosk group which gives out gifts to members every now and then 🙂

what yelo’s wearing:
outfit: Canimal Lola – purple
shoes: Unique Needs – Dolly goth chunky pumps – purple
hair: Kin – Liv – red
glasses: primOptic – Twinz
what i’m wearing:
top: BareRose – Frilled Parka (blue)
pants: Last Call – Carrie Cropped jeans
hair: ETD Lynne II – Chestnut

ah btw, i love this top from BareRose ^^ it looks pretty cute tho it took me a bit of time to adjust~~ there’re 4 colors: blue, grey, pink and green. they come with a pair of pants and the necklace im wearing 🙂