My Second Life®

I am Dorothy Willis aka Dor and Dot and Dory and… I don’t really mind what you call me… (yet, I don’t like people call me “doro”… it just sounds weird, doesn’t it?) I came to SL™  in January, 2007, and started to explore this whole new world.

The most enjoyable things to do in SL are the things that you can’t do in RL. I’ve never gone sky-diving in RL, for instance. I can also go to live concerts,  in which the musicians are actually living on the other side of earth. SL™  is a place for music and friends and fun and totally new experiences.

I’m much into the fashion world in SL™ , for its great possibilies and those lovely gowns I’d never have in RL 🙂 Of course I love to write about sl fashion and take pictures as well, and you can find my things here or on SL™Chinese Takeaway.
Click here to view my Flickr profile.

I make teddy bears as well 😛 So you can find my bears at my store – Teddy in Wonderland.

I do custome animations (non-sex) and poses, simply IM me if you’re interested. Modeling poses and full permission animations can be found in my store *VAGO* as well 🙂

My Real Life

Believe it or not, my real name is also Dorothy, really. I’m still studying music and linguistics in RL. I’ve played lots of instruments throughout my life, but my major is flute. I’m a christian and very proud to say that. I like Rachmaninoff and Mahler a lot (so you know what I play is mostly classical =]). Well actually, there isn’t much that I can tell you about my RL.

Current location: Hong Kong


4 responses

29 08 2007
Sequoia Pinion

Love your site! Thanks for being my friend. See ya in SL!

22 12 2007
Jack Sakigake

Time to update the location of Teddy in Wonderland 🙂

9 02 2009
Sholt Humby

Fantastic works plus the lovely personality you have!
Thanks for all you the knowledge you shared with me until now.

17 07 2009

Hm what could I say.. you’re so cuuute~ :3
Besides that, I really appreciate you and the way you are : ) Thank you

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