Mar 24

24 03 2009

Fancy Fairy had this beautiful lingerie set called “Lace Leaf” released a while ago and I find it pretty cute (especially the leaf ruffles at the back ^^). The leaves are all hand painted and have incredible details~~ This set is available in several colors and I notice that a free shape is included as well 🙂 The wings I’m wearing are the “Flick Wings”, also by Fancy Fairy. Like other amazing wings Violaine has made, these are well-scripted and animated =)
Fancy Fairy
(from left to right)
lingerie: Fancy Fairy – Lace Leaf in Purple / Skeleton Leaf / Autumn / Dark
wings: Fancy Fairy – Flick Scripted Wings in Lavender / Green / Copper / Bluebelle
hair: Maitreya – Yasmin / Amy
Lace Leaf - Icey
thumbnail: Lace Leaf in Icey – woot icey looks so cool 😛

Have you noticed the new skin I’m wearing? Right, it’s the new Sayla2 skins by ISSIGONIS. I’d been wearing ISSIGONIS’s Sayla skins for quite some time (cos it takes a long time for me to get used to a new skin), but miula surprised me with the new skins. Sayla2 has 4 makeups (with different lips and brow options), including breeze, eclipse, normal and waterfall. Several details have been improved in the “upgraded” skins, like the nose shadings (tho it took me quite some time to get used to it :p) and the lips. That doesn’t mean I won’t wear the old skins cos I still love the eyeshadows on “azure” and “onyx” =) 
Sayla2 a
Sayla2 b
hair: Truth – Nikhita
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla2 eclipse2 (top left) / waterfall1 (top right) / normal3 (bottom left) / breeze1 (bottom right)  [tone: fair]


Mar 22 – RFL Part II

22 03 2009

two more outfits (which are something more fancy) I got from the fair 😉

store: Evie’s Closet
location: The Caspian Sea
outfit and accessory: RFL Aventine Gown / :+:SS:+: (Studio SIdhe) Flower Bangle (RFL)
my comments: well I know you have seen this for more than a hundred times on different blogs… but this is real stunning 😛 I just *must* post it 🙂
*Evie's Closet* RFL Aventine Gown
*Evie's Closet* RFL Aventine Flower Skirt
what else im wearing:
hair: Maitreya – Yasmin / WAKA & Yuki – Hair 37 (gold)
ears: *~*Illusions*~* – Fairy Ears
necklace: Alienbear – Dark Princess Amaterasu
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla
wings: Fancy Fairy – Flick Scripted Wings in LAVENDER
poses: *VAGO* – Faery 5 (left); TorridWear – Stand 8 (right) / *VAGO* – Faery 12

store:Zullay Designs
location:Relay Raiders
outfit:Ethereal: Mermaid_Dawn (Needs AO)
my comments: I love being a mermaid but it’s been soooooo long since I found a nice mermaid tail. but this one by Zullay Designs simply caught my eye 🙂 It’s available in some other colors like black, blue/green and red/orange (erm, if I remember right.. lol). I was thinking about black too cos it looked quite sexy while at the same time elegant, but I eventually chose purple cos it’s my favorite color after all 🙂
::ZD:: Ethereal: Mermaid (Dawn)
what else im wearing:
hair: Maitreya – River
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla
pose: *VAGO* – not yet released 😛

Don’t forget to check out the two outfits by Devilish Cupcake and BareRose I mentioned here and here before you leave the clothing fair 🙂

Mar 22 – RFL Part I

22 03 2009

If I remember right, the clothing fair is closing tonight at 9pm SLT~~ so I’ll now quickly show you a few things I’ve got in the fair 🙂

store: Crystal Queendom
location: The Arabian Sea
outfit: Princess Marquise
my comments:  this is so gorgeous and royal 🙂 it’s my favorite color and the textures are detailed. nice prim work too.
Princess Marquise
Princess Marquise 2
what else im wearing:
hair: ETD – Aiiyanna
crown: Alienbear – Queen Heidi (white) (should be a lucky chair prize in the past)

store: Nyte’N’Day
location: The Caspian Sea
outfit: Hike – RFL Limited Edition
my comments: this looks neat and is suitable for different occasions 🙂
Nyte'N'Day - Hike - RFL Limited Edition
what else im wearing:
hair: ETD – Celia

store: Apple May Designs
location: Gift Of Life
outfits: Candy / Smarty
my comments: Candy (on the left) can be worn with or without the jacket, which is my favorite part of the outfit. the textures and sculpted work are pretty good as well. What I like about Smarty (on the right) is again the awesome textures – its shadings are just marvelous. There’re several wearing options too, so it’s pretty flexible.    
Apple May Designs
what else im wearing:
hair: ETD – Naomi
socks: ::: B@R ::: – TRADurian (part of the outfit)
pumps: ~~Sakka’s Studio~~ – Basic Pumps
choker: Sable Rose – Stone Bead Choker

*all poses in the above pictures are from *VAGO* 😛 and the skins are from ISSIGONIS =]
to be continued~~~~

Mar 19

19 03 2009

Don’t we all love BareRose? Their new Dianna Dress is so gorgeous that I must blog it 😛
dress: ::: B@R ::: Dianna – red/purple/blue
hair: Curl up and Dye – Antoinette – Vanilla
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla
poses: *VAGO* – Fair 1 / Bellezza 5 / stand 5 (freebie)

Mar 18

18 03 2009

I had been busy with rl in the past two weeks, so it seems I’ve missed quite a lot (including st. patrick’s!! >o<).
glad I’m still able to catch the RFL clothing fair 🙂 I had very little time but it was really laggy, so I could only see a few things while most things were grey and never rezzed.
I got this little purple dress (by Devilish Cupcake) which I found kinda cute :]
The necklaces I’m wearing are both from Sable Rose and, I just love the ideas and designs. “The Lovesong necklace is an all prim necklace featuring hearts and musical notes and symbols suspended on a silver chain mesh, all hung from a black cord.” The reason I like this is that the design is unique and unusual – at least I hadn’t seen similar design combining hearts and musical notes before.
The Ballad Pendant does show creativity in my opinion. It’s a heart “created from an inverted treble clef and a right side up bass clef “. Again this design is very creative and unique and I know I would want something similar in rl 😛
sable rose 2
(Lovesong necklace  and Ballad Pendant)
sable rose 1
(Lovesong necklace)

dress: Devilish Cupcake~Mermaid dress-Relay for Life -The Purp
necklace: Sable Rose – Lovesong Necklace / Ballad Pendant (Garnet)
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla
hair: ETD – AVEDA Med Straight
poses: *VAGO* – Vogue 1 / Attitude 2

Mar 5

5 03 2009

The Glimmer dresses by Cupcakes were released last week and I went pick up the black floral one~ some other lighter colors of this dress look nice too, giving a rather “vernal” look. The black one, with Nikhita hair by TRUTH, however, is more adorable and elegant:)

dress: *CUPCAKES – Glimmer Dress – Black Floral
hair: TRUTH – Nikhita – Walnut
shoes: Shiny Things – Belles – Black
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla
jewelry: Alienbear – Winter Poinsettia (necklace and earrings) – white
poses: Automne 5 / Glam 3 (VAGO)

Mar 2

2 03 2009

a simple look for today~
i happened to drop by So Many Styles and saw this retro tube dress (in black). its textures are pretty good and what i like is its design – not too much/complicated but still got “something”, which gives a cute but sexy look~~ i only pulled out a pair of black pumps to keep it simple~~ 🙂
dress: So Many Styles – Retro Tube Dress (Black)
shoes: ETD – Starley Pumps (Black)
hair: ETD – Naomi
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla
check out my picks for more slurls and store info.