Aug 27 – Sad Teddy~

27 08 2008

Here comes a… sad teddy! He truly needs your love and hugs!
why a sad teddy this time? well, teddy bears have emotions too, so they aren’t happy all the time, just like us~~
These cute bears are in my store now, waiting for your hugs 😛 Each pack is 50L and comes with two bears – a sitting bear + a bear for u to “wear”. There’re 10 colors: pink, black, white, brown, grey, violet, orange, blue, green and magenta.
 sad teddy
Oh yeah, there’s also a rainbow version but it’s not for sale since it’s a group gift for my Teddy in Wonderland group ^^
rainbow bear
bear: Teddy in Wonderland – Sad Teddy (Magenta/Rainbow)
bird: Happy Mood – Little Bird – violet
hair: *TRUTH* Missy – Dark Blonde
dress: []::Tuli::[] Amicitia collection ~ Amy dress (rose)
shoes: Maitreya ChiChi Pumps – Pastel Pink
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla
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Aug 25

25 08 2008

the csr stampcard event is almost over i think and i really like the prize by BP. it’s a really cute dolly dress but most of my aos dont work well with the dress. so i made an ao specially for this dress but it’s not perfect. i’ve been editing the animations for a while but since i was in california for a week, and then just got too busy and kinda tired of this and there’re only 6 days left till the event ends and… whatsoever lol
i’ve decided to mark this ao down to 100L for all 6 animations/pose. u can preview the stands and sits at my teddy store (lol) and single animations are available for 50L each there too. i’ll delete it on Sep 7 (that’s the last day when u can claim any prizes i think). 

DW Babydoll II
picture credit:
dress: BP* CSR2008Summer Dolly Dress
hair: *TRUTH* Chelsea – Honey
shoes: (Shiny Things) Belles – black
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla

Aug 20~

20 08 2008

WigWamBam has some new items again 😀 i’ve chosen two interesting outfits to mention here. The first item is called “Blue Autumn”, which is pretty sexy when u wear on street. i like the texture on the shorts while i think the texture/details can be improved for the top 🙂

blue autumn
The second item is a “rouge sweater dress”. i myself am not a big fan of this kind of red, but somehow i find it look good in this combination which has an oriental sense.

Hair im wearing is Quiet seduction in Raven by Sky Everett Designs. again im no fan of the textured curls which u can see from the sides, but i think it looks nice from the front 🙂
rouge sweater dress
outfits: WigWamBam – Blue Autumn / Sweater Dress – Rouge
hair: Sky Everett Designs – Quiet seduction-Raven WO/lights (edited)
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla fair
heels: Maitreya – Slinky Stiletto
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Aug 12 – Aoharu!

12 08 2008

Aoharu has tons of adorable new releases ^^

The dress below is a freebie (limited time i think) called Big Ribbon Dress in Navy. I like the color and the big ribbon is very cute.
{dress: AOHARU – BigRibbonDress – Navy
hair: ETD Ashley – Sunny
shoes: VIVA -Aemilia (Indigo/Violet)
necklace: Alienbear Designs – Pearl Teardrop Pearl necklace (black)}

The Flower Chiffon Dress is another lovely and extraordinary dress ^^ The sculpted skirt and collar are both very well-made and the dress is available in various colors. I chose purple because again, it’s my favorite color lol.

{dress: AOHARU – Flower Chiffon Dress  – Purple
hair: *TRUTH* – Montague – Honey
shoes: Juicy – Classic Pumps – Grape}

Last but not least… it’s the Check Short Jacket Set in white! The dress is simply glorious. The layer work is perfect ^^ But what truly caught my eye was the brown jacket. Though it took me some time to adjust the collar part (and still not perfect now…), it still goes well with the dress and it’s so cute =D
{dress: AOHARU – Check Short Jacket Set -White
hair: *TRUTH* – Polly – Honey
shoes: Shiny Things – Belles – Black
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin v1.1(fair/jasper/lip:A/lash:B)
earrings: Alienbear Designs – Princess Calanthe}

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Aug 7 – yep it’s summer~

7 08 2008

a typhoon has just gone away… and it’s hot like hell here lol anyway it’s summer ^^
beach @ Sweet Mermaid

(whoops moon in the morning lol~)

outfit + hat: M&R Cupcakes Buttons Dress – Silver/Black
hair: *TRUTH* –  Macy – Honey
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin v1.1(fair/normal/lip:B/lash:A)
bangle:~*FBG*~ Greyscale Pastile Hearts Bangle
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Aug 2 – Something for the weekend

2 08 2008

so yeah, something for the weekend…
If you still didn’t know TRUTH is having a huge sale, u do now… hair packs are 50L up only, and some clothes are just 10L~~ The cute hair im wearing in the pics below, is Chelsea from there 🙂 I almost missed this lovely dress from BareRose… I saw Yelo was wearing it the other day and she was just so cute in it ^^ there’re 5 colors for this dress (Black Iris) – Black, Brown, Green, Purple and Cian.
outfit: ::: B@R ::: – Black Iris
hair: TRUTH – Chelsea
tights: Viva La Glam – Light Tone – Sheer Tintable Lycra Tights (freebies)
shoes: Shiny Things – Classics – black
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Aug 1 – Petz!

1 08 2008

Something non-fashion-related for today 😛 I was wandering around the Pet Village sim, and I found some realistic labradors there ^^ They’re made by “Petz”, a Japanese brand (oh there’s a reason why we’re fond of Japanese stuff :P). I got a yellow lab and decided that it would be a she this time~ Her name is Muffin 🙂
She’s pretty clever and got several amazing features 😀
you can pat them:
yellowlab (pats)
ask em for “paw” lol:
yellowlab ^v^
and you can see how they’re feeling as they’ve got cool and cute thinking bubbles hehe:
yellowlab <3
play frisbee:
yellowlab frisbee
dive/swim modes:
yellowlab swim/dive mode
well this is a bit odd, but still fun… you can go picnic by “sitting” on the dog lol
yellowlab picnic
and you can even buy accessories like scarf and collars for them ^^
yellowlab new scarf ^^
(click pics to enlarge)
There’re lots more cool features and there’s a trial dog you can get for free in Pet Village ^^ btw the english instruction is kinda weird so I’ve rewrote one myself and dropped on the owner. I’m not sure if they’re gonna use it but if u need one, just ask me lol~ woohoo i really like muffin 😛
Puppy: Petz – Yellow lab
What I’m wearing in the pics:
hair: ETD – Lynne II
top: ::: B@R ::: – Frilled Parka
jeans: AMODICA LOOKR – Let Rip
shoes: KR – Street Next Flower2
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin v1.1
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