July 26 – Ocean Day ^^

26 07 2008

Ravenlynn of LVS & Co. invited me to place the mermaid AO i made earlier at Cassiopeia Isle during the Ocean Day ^^ I’ve decided to offer a 50% discount so you can get the AO for only 250L now =] (it’s at its original price on my onrez and SL Exchange stores, that means you can only get the discounted AO at the event ^^)
DW Mermaid AO I
for more information about the AO, please see my previous post.
Be sure to check out some really awesome stuff there too! like this beautiful mermaid tail is only 1L now 🙂
hair: -N- “Nicole” – Starfish


July 25

25 07 2008

another quick post~~

I went to Crimson Shadow today to see if I got any luck (well, no luck at all lol) but i found this nice red dress next to the chair ^^csredlong1
dress: Crimson Shadow – Red Long Dress
hair: ETD Janae
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin v1.1(fair/jasper/lip:A/lash:B)

July 21 – my first mermaid ao~

21 07 2008

I’ve finally finished editing my first mermaid AO and boxed it =)

Currently it can only be purchased through SL Exchange and onrez.
DW Mermaid AO I

This AO set includes 12 animations and 1 freebie for mermaid avatars:

* 3 hovering stands
* 2 ground sits
* 1 “chair” sit
* 3 swimming/walking animations
* 1 flying up
* 1 flying down
* 1 falling
+ 1 mermaid swimming freebie

pic credit: mermaid outfit – Malaika Mermaids Aquatique

July 20 – Nicky Ree ^^

20 07 2008

just a quick post ^^
Nicky Ree is offering this red Satin Shine Glitter Gown for 1L 😀 so beautiful and eye-catching~ go grab one now! 😛 nrsatinshineglitter

July 19 – A casual weekend

19 07 2008

im just so in love with these iTuTu skyboxes 😀 neat and pretty~~
anyway, something casual for the weekend…
i definitely like Viva La Glam and this hoodie looks really cute. theres a hoodie up option but i cant make it look right, so nevermind lol
those cool jeans im wearing are Stitched Up from AMODICA LOOKR.  i’ve always been fond of adam’s pants as they’re well-textured and stylish. Stitched Up has three wearing options, which are roll up, flared and “standard”, and i really love the idea.

top: [VG Republic] ‘Striped Sweater Hoodie’ in Sky
jeans: AMODICA LOOKR ~ Stitched Up ~ Dark Indigo Wash
hair: Maitreya – Amy
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin v1.1(fair/azure/lip:A/lash:B)
shoes: Periquita Retro Round light blue

july 16

16 07 2008

got a lovely skybox from iTutu today, only 200L ^^

got bored in the rainy afternoon, so i played with ps for a bit…….. tho theres a problem in the pic, u know what it is?

July 15

15 07 2008

been to footwear expo 2008 yet? 4 sims in total^^ Shiny Things is always my fav shoes brand and her release, Belles, for the expo really catches my eye 😀 There’re two sizes included as well~ The pendant I’m wearing is from *BEHOLD*. it’s a tiny earth and i find it so cute hehe ^^ it has a resizing script, so pretty easy to adjust~
black ^^
outfit: *<3C!* – Black and Red Scrunched Dress
shoes: Shiny Things – Belles – black
hair: ETD – Lisa II – Cinnamon
pendant:*BEHOLD* – Cancer Sun necklace & pendant