Jun 29 – Ce Cubic Effect ^^

29 06 2008

i love sculpties… but i seldom wear them because they dont look so, so erm… good when i move. there’re a few exceptions tho 🙂 like those from Ce Cubic Effect are simply awesome~ frankly i really dont wanna change once i’ve put this cute hooded knit on 😛
ce cubic effect 2

outfit: Ce Cubic effect – Hooded knit(White)
boots: Maitreya – Dune Boots – White
hair: Maitreya -Loelle – Natural Blond
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin v1.1(fair/azure/lip:B/lash:B)
pendant: Vertically Challenged – Silver Harp Pendant


Jun 20 – Pisces Lady ^^

20 06 2008

well i know… i’ve been tooooo lazy and busy again 😛 hehe
mui told me about this awesome mermaid outfit by BareRose yesterday~ yep it’s soooo awesome hehe 😛 it’s called Pisces Lady, which includes fins of three colors: white, pink and blue~ it also includes an ao tho i personally don’t like it much… so by the way, i made my own mermaid ao and will *probably* sell it… the poses in the pic below are in the ao i made :))


(click to enlarge)

outfit: ::: B@R ::: Pisces Lady

Jun 10

10 06 2008

Lemania Indigo dropped me her recent release, Life Is A Dance, the other day~ she is a fairy new designer, but when i visited her store, i found that she already has many designs there 🙂 life is a dance, like many of her other designs, has some sorta hollywood style and has a dramatic effect imo~~ i felt like i was ready for a ball and to dance when i put on this beautiful gown^^ yay, life is really a dance!

Oh and I love this hairstyle from Truth 😀



dress: Lemania Indigo Designs – Life Is A Dance
hair: *TRUTH* – Carrie – Dark Blonde
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin (fair/azure/lip:A/lash:A)
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Jun 8 – Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

8 06 2008

yay happy dragon boat festival! 😀

(in case u’ve never seen a dragon boat :P)

Jun 6

6 06 2008

❤ cupcakes had a freebie hunt 😀 i got tons of cute things there 😛

I like this Lori Dress much cos it’s just sooo cute 😛 the bow in the back makes it even cuter. The adorable bangle im wearing is the Greyscale Pastile Hearts Bangle from Fresh Baked Goods. It goes with the lori dress pretty well and i just think they match perfectly~~

dress: ❤ Cupcakes – Lori Dress;
bangle: Fresh Baked Goods – Greyscale Pastile Hearts Bangle;
necklace: Alienbear Designs;
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin (fair/azure/lip:B/lash:B);
hair: ETD –  Lisa II – Cinnamon
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Another cute dress I got from ❤ cupcakes is the Cherry Dress. This fresh country look is simply perfect for summer. I’m also glad to have the muted version of Pastile Hearts Bangle from Fresh Baked Goods to go with the dress and add some colors to it ^^
( Oh look at that teddy lol yeah i’ve made some new bears and they’ll be released soon :P)

dress: ❤ Cupcakes – Cherry Dress;
bangle: Fresh Baked Goods – Muted Pastile Hearts Bangle;
necklace: MM – Yummy Charm Necklace in Sterling Silver;
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin (fair/jasper/lip:B/lash:A);
hair: ETD – Nadia – Chestnut;
shoes: Periquita – Retro Round pink
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June 2

2 06 2008

I don’t know why things happen this way these days… but maybe this is simply life.
Though some people are gone, they have left their spirits with us.
Yves Saint Laurent, we will remember you; the whole fashion world will remember you.