May 30 – Something different!

30 05 2008

Fine Delight of Something Different dropped me her Bead Set yesterday. Something Different is a new jewelry brand and the bead set is their first release (I guess :P). There’re 12 stone types and each set includes a pair of earrings, a necklace and bracelet.

This set’s style is pretty simple and is a good choice to match different types of clothes. I like the textures of the gemstones too~~ theres a 1L set for the pearl edition, be sure to check that out too~ 
something different 2something different

(Left to right)
jewelry: Something Different– Bead Set: Jade / Chrysocolla / Sodalite
dresses: PixelDolls – Helene . Seaglass / Cupcakes– Keri Dress (freebie) / PixelDolls– Halter Mini (previous group gift)
skin: ISSIGONIS – Sayla Skin (fair/onyx)
hair: ETD – Bonita – Dirty

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May 29 – ISSIGONIS skins

29 05 2008

I was told that ISSIGONIS has some amazing skins, so i went to have a look with a friend… if i remember right, they have 3 skins for female and my favorite is Sayla~
Sayla has 3 tones (fair, medium and natural) and 4 make-ups (azure, jasper, normal and oynx), and each set includes 4 skins of one make-up, with different lashes and lips options. the skin is well-made and highly detailed, and please look at the feet! they’re truly amazing! definitely the best i’ve seen in sl so far… woot
sayla skin
sayla skin2
skin: ISSIGONIS – SAYLA (Fair/Azure)
pic taken in Oasis Bay

May 26

27 05 2008

I do not know where to start…
Artistic Fimicoloud,
a talented artist, a true warrior, and a dear friend of mine,
left us today and has entered her third life.
Fimi has inspired a lot of living spirits with her art and her wonderful personality. She was always energetic, hopeful, cheerful and positive, even when she didn’t feel very well. Her bright character always had some great impact on people around her. She had been fighting against cancer for a long time and now, she can finally rest in peace. I believe this is a release to her and though she is no longer with us, she will be living within our hearts forever.
Yes, we all love you and your spirit will go on Fimi!!

(click to enlarge)

Also, I saw a notice in the Park Galleries group, saying that “Park Galleries artist, Lasla Mannock is doing the Avon walk in RL and will be wearing Fimi’s name. If you want to make a RL contribution in Fimi’s name here is the website: ” Please do not hesitate to contribute if you feel like so.

Visit Park Galleries in-world
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May 26 – Purple Mood :P

26 05 2008

another casual post~
I’m in such a purple mood today… actually I’m often in that mood lol…
am wearing Divine Sisi Combo (Antique Purple) from Nicky Ree, taking pics in one of the most popular sims (recently) Chouchou ^^
purple mood...

should i play the piano?

yes it's purple mood lol
and i made a matching teddy with matching hats 😛
Yelo + Dot + Teddy
~more pics visit my flickr page =)

May 25 – chihuahua!

25 05 2008

Look at this cute chihuahua! i saw a very cute chihuahua on iCandy and i thought i must see the “real” thing in-world~ so i visited Pet Village Japan – a beautiful japanese sim, and found that theres also a black chihuahua!


(click to enlarge)

May 24

24 05 2008

just a quick post…
i’ve created another blog and some of my friends thought it’s strange…
cuz it’s actually my picks aka list of slurls for in-world locations lol~ i find it more convenient for both me and readers because:
1. adding a new post is easier
2. it’s more detailed
3. i can create a lot of categories quite easily (and it won’t cause any trouble if some of the places fall into more than one category)
4. searching is easy
so heres the link:
there’re only a few “posts” but i’ll be adding more in the following days…
not sure if this idea works, but doesn’t harm to try 😛

May 21 – This is…

21 05 2008

so much fun! lol

  My morph here~