Mar 27 – Spring has arrived :D

27 03 2008

❤ Cupcakes is having a sale and i got a lot of lovely dresses there 🙂

i’m especaily fond of the Sasha Dresses, which are probably for spring~ the flower prints and fresh colors are absolutely adorable, while the cutting of the dress is quite unique. i think the dress itself is already a beautiful flower 🙂

*<3C!* Sasha Dresses–ALL COLORS (50L only now woot)






(click for normal size)



Mar 23

23 03 2008

Happy Easter :DD so many hunts to go at the moment 🙂 i’d like to remind u of the st. patrick’s day hunt in ImagineNation and ImagineExotic though, cos it’ll end today or tomorrow i think… very soon anyway~ and the prizes are so awesome ^^ i was wandering in Eternal Reflections, which is a very beautiful place… so i took a few pics in the lovely prizes 🙂







(click for normal size)

Mar 19 – Rosemar ^^

19 03 2008

Rosemar opened last weekend and Rosemary Galbraith, the owner, gave out some awesome skins for free (tho im not blogging them here as i know a lot of others have already done so)~ I was amazed by the quality of the freebies and the number of tones they have there~ im more used to lighter tones, but i do think her darker tones are wonderfully made.

 i happened to have a chance to take with rosemary about her skins, and she told me what she thought, “… hm, they are highlight heavy to resemble more the way people look in lit photography. i have fun with it so between makeup sets there is a little bit of variation.” i guess making skins is pretty challenging cos there seems to be a lot of things u have to consider, and she thought it wasnt easy at all, but as all of us can see now, she has put in much effort and heart in the skins 🙂

each pack contains 5 skins (different brow shapes), 3 pairs of lashes (different sizes) and a shape i think, for 800L only~

left to right:
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Cinderella – makeup 012 – BROW 1
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Twine – makeup 032 – BROW 1
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Teak – makeup 021 – BROW 1
(bikini: *WinterMoon* Fluffy Bikini)


ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Sambuca – makeup 045 – BROW 1

(click to enlarge)

left to right:
first row:
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Espresso – makeup 012
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Espresso – makeup 050
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Nutmeg – makeup 050
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Quincy – makeup 037
second row:
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Copperfield – makeup 021
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Twine – makeup 032
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Teak – makeup 021
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Silk – makeup 044
third row:
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Cinderella – makeup 012
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Cinderella – makeup 027
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Cinderella – makeup 021
ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin – Cinderella – makeup 020



Mar 17 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17 03 2008

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 😀
am hunting on ImagineNation and ImagineExotic~ those are amazing prizes so i just have to go in spite of the lag~
also remember to grab the gift of Alienbear’s Designs~ one day only! *back to hunt*

Mar 13 – Adam n Eve Catwalk Collection – Snakeskin

13 03 2008

i guess a lot of you have seen the new Catwalk Collection by Adam n Eve (well, if not, go and check it out NOW! lol) here’s Snakeskin, a stunning dress from the collection~
it caught my eye at once when i saw its ad cos it looks pretty sharp on the ad pic. Snakeskin is very pretty on the ad pic, and it looks even prettier on an avatar in real~ red isn’t my favorite color so i don’t wear a lot of red, but this red is very beautiful on the dress. i guess it’s the detailed textures that bring out different layers of the red and make the whole thing so attractive, so stunning. there’re two skirt options and i like them both ^^



(click to enlarge)

dress:Adam n Eve Catwalk Collection – Snakeskin dress Red;
hair: ETD – Sofia – Blonde;
heels: Shiny Things – Party Pumps – red.

Mar 11 – Lookr ^^

11 03 2008

Lookr has some new releases ^^ uhh, well, at least they were new last week, i think 😛
anyway, here are the Floral tops in four different colors~ like some of other lookr’s tops, u can choose “tucked” or “untucked” and they can be worn on different layers. one of my favorite thing about lookr’s stuff is their textures – Adam has done a great job on them 🙂 they’re not only detailed, but also pretty natural/realistic and stunning… the shading is just perfect 😀
tops: Lookr – Floral (Meadow, Sunset, Twilight and Violet)
jeans: G.L.A.M. “Lucky” – Skinny Jeans
hair: ETD Lisa II – Cinnamon
skin: CS Vogue Skin – Champagne (Noir – Glitter)
pendant: Vertically Challenged – Simple Life Expressions

They have some new outfits as well~
on the left in the pic below is Ceinture (top and trousers), which has a special strap in the front~ on the right is Formel. there’re a few layers for this outfit as well, so u can choose ur favorite match 😉 i think this is something between businesswear and casual wear, and adam described it as “sexy-business-suit-looking” outfit^^

btw, the skin im wearing is free from Tuli @ skin fair~ looks pretty good =]

(click for normal size…)

outfit:Lookr – Ceinture / Formel
hair: ETD Lynne II – Chestnut
skin: Tuli – S5 medium ~ classic 1

Mar 10 – Blossoms~

10 03 2008

yes, i guess spring is coming! 😀 i really like Second Mirage‘s recent release, Blossoms~ it does remind me of spring hehe~ my favorite thing about these earrings is the lovely colors, which make them “full of life” i call it lol~ and if u zoom in a little bit u’ll be able to see the details of the little flowers too 🙂

i also love the description which the designer gave – “A celebration of the amazing miracle of springtime rebirth, Blossoms is a tiny explosion of gorgeous color. These earrings feature nine delicate blossoms in gold, green, and coral hang from tiny silver chainlinks. Fun and flirty, these earrings announce that the winter doldrums are banished!”

(click for normal size… i have a habit of stretching the pics so that they look fine on my blog on my computer… sometimes they dont look quite well on other feeds or computers~~)

earrings: Second Mirage – Blossoms