Feb 20

20 02 2008

haven’t updated for over a week since i’ve been somewhat busy (and lazy at the same time) with some rl issues, plus i think im stressed in both worlds at the moment… just wanna say that if u haven’t visited the sale at last call, please dont miss it cos the designs there are really really worth getting, and u know it’s our last chance… anywho, i’ll update again next week or so… until next time~


Feb 8

8 02 2008

I’ve just finished upgrading the Teddy Music Players ^^ Everyone who has purchased one before will be able to get a free copy~ If you bought one during the last 30 days, I’ll drop you a new one (will try doing that in the coming week); if not, please drop me your old copy with a notecard, and I’ll drop you a new one.


(click to enlarge)

There’s a special valentine edition as well~ I’m sure it will make the best gift for your other half 😉
they’re available in my little store on Hong Kong Island now and in my onrez store 🙂

Feb 6 – Little Love Teddy Bears :)

6 02 2008


(click to enlarge)

so I have finally finished the love teddies for valentine’s day :))
they’re now available in my little store on Hong Kong Island now (here), or u can get a fatpack of 26 bears in my onrez store 🙂


ah btw, i think im going to upgrade those music players. everyone who has purchased one will get a free copy 🙂

Feb 6 – Happy Chinese New Year :D

6 02 2008

Today is the last day of the year of pig… it’ll be the start of the year of mouse within 6 hours!! 😀 woohoo, happy chinese new year!

(outfit: House of Zen: ZEN-Tsunami-Naomi )

Feb 5

5 02 2008

oh yeah, i’ve been making teddy bears… 🙂


(click for normal size)

well it’s pretty late now, update later~~

Feb 3 – stop the thieves!

3 02 2008

This is not the first time someone stole others’ textures/designs/whatever and claimed to be their own creations and reselling them. No matter how many times it has happened, it is always totally unacceptable. Fortunately there’re still a few things that we can do:
1. Do NOT buy anything from these content thieves, even if their things are a lot cheaper. Even if they are free, don’t take them because you are encouraging them to continue stealing.
2. Vote here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-676 We have to make LL do something.
3. LaynieWear has released a skin which has the signs “I Would Rather Go Naked Than Wear Stolen Skin” and “Content Theft Hurts Everyone” on it. This is very true; if I were a skin designer, I wouldn’t want to create anything any more because there’re theives stealing my creations and making money of them.
4. Spread the words and tell your friends not to buy things from these thieves.

Feb 1 – Fancy Fairy

1 02 2008

It’s been pretty cold here… if only there’s a sun fairy…


This is the new release called the “Olde World Faery” from Fancy Fairy. The gowns are in 5 colors, and above is a special Sun Fairy version, which is a dollarbie (i heard that its only available for 1L for a limited time, so hurry up :P) My favorite things about this gown are the wings and the chest drape. Violaine has always been able to create awesome wings (in both rl and sl) and they’re extremely detailed; flexi setting is pretty good too. The chest drape really adds to the style of the gown, and somehow reminds me of greece~ lol The set also includes a shape and a skin.

what im wearing:
gown: Fancy Fairy: Olde World Faery – Sun Fairy;
hair: ETD Bonita II – Dirty;
skin: (CS) Vogue Skin – Champagne (Rose – Glitter);
heels: VIVA -Aemilia (Chocolate/Cream);
jewelry: Alienbear Designs.

Violaine has also dropped me her new Kira Valentine Pink Flexi Wings which are very pretty and realistic (i mean, if there were faeries, their wings might look the same hehe~) too 🙂
what im wearing:
gown: Nicky Ree: Summer Breeze – Grace;
hair: ETD Jackie – Amethyst;
skin: (CS) Vogue Skin – Champagne (Spring – Vernal);
jewelry: Alienbear Designs;
wings: Fancy Fairy: Kira Valentine Pink Flexi Wings.