Jan 13 – 1920’s Antique Headress

13 01 2008

this headress from Chapeau tres Mignon is just so gorgeous :DD thanks to megg for dropping that on me, merci beacoup~

headress: 1920’s Antique Headress by Chapeau tres Mignon;
hair: ETD ~ Madeline / Naoko;
skin: CS ~ Vogue Skin – Champagne (Noir – Glitter) / Vogue Skin – Champagne (Fall Series – 3);
jewlery: Alienbear Designs ~ Princess Krystelle Necklace and earrings (White) / Queen Heidi Choker and earrings (Gold);
dress: *LAST CALL: Diane Dress (Group Gift)


Jan 12 – Lookr

12 01 2008

Adam Soler of Lookr, IMed me last week and told me about his clothing brand. I later visited his store, which was underwater, and met the designer himself. I just *have to* mention the store was underwater as it was really awesome and special, and the place was pretty cozy.

His designs gave me a clean and fresh feeling – things that you can wear everyday. Have I ever mentioned that I love cute hoodies? These sculptied hoodies from Lookr are nicely made, and they don’t need a lot of adjustments if you’re not too tall or too short. The shading is amazing too… They have bible verses printed on them as well. Being a christian myself, I think I’ll be happy to walk around SL in them lol 🙂


(click to enlarge)
hoodies: red, grey, purple, blue, yellow, green ~ LOOKR; jeans: Indigo Wash ~ LOOKR; hair: ETD Trinitee – Honey/ETD Luth – Honey; skin: Vogue Skin – Champagne (Noir – Glitter) ~ CS.

Next is the set called Fox. It comes with 3 colors: vanilla, chocolate and charcoal, all gives a sexy look which is a big contrast to the hoodies. The jeans I’m wearing are their new grey plaid chinos. Ah, speaking of jeans, theirs are truly awesome, (The first things I noticed when I got into their store were actually the jeans =] ) especially the textures. They’re all yes-mod, so you can edit the length and stuff~

(click to enlarge)
top: Fox in Charcoal/Vanilla/Chocolate ~ LOOKR; pants: Chinos:Grey Plaid ~ LOOKR; hair: Lola – Honey ~ GuRL 6/ Lisa II – Smoke ~ ETD; skin:Vogue Skin – Champagne (Noir – Glitter) ~ CS; boots: Tatienne – Grey ~ LC VAMP; navel ring: Mata Hari ~ RC.

Jan 8 – happy rezzday to myself :P

8 01 2008

time in sl goes really fast imo… so it’s my first rezzday!! 😀 hehe~
i almost couldn’t remember how i looked a year ago, but i found this snapshot in my inv… lol didn’t know what prim hair or flexi hair means at that time lol~ yet i made my shape and am still using it today (tho i have modified it a bit, like the height…) anywayz, it’s just a lot of fun to see the differences 😛