Dec 27

27 12 2007

sometimes, awesome designs are not only found in big stores of famous brands…

this morning my time, i was wandering around, checking out stuff, and saw a lovely fairy in her beautiful gown~ i have a habit (dunno if it’s good or not lol) of inspecting ppl’s clothes to see where they got them, so i found out that she actually made it herself. i visited one of her stores (Fancy Fairy) and got what she was wearing. it wasn’t a big store but there were some pretty nice designs and the wings are beautiful.

so, i got the Winter Faerie Queen set 🙂 the set includes a pair of wings, the dress, crown and a shape (im not in the shape in the pics below tho). the dress’s design isn’t very complicated, but it’s beautiful enough, and the in-world prim setting is ok too so i didn’t have to spend a lot of time adjusting. i especially like the wings – they’re highly detailed and look really nice in-world, whether ur flying or walking, or simply standing lol. btw, the whole set is just 300L 🙂

heres a less blurred pic…

(click for normal size)

outfit/wings/crown: Winter Faerie Queen set by Violaine Villota of Fancy Fairy
earrings: Alienbear’s Soko 1st live concert gift (Soko music note lady earrings)
hair: ETD Shanna – Blonde
skin: (CS) Vogue Skin – Champagne (Rose – Glitter)

still have to figure out where to attach my necklace lol~


Dec 24~ Christmas Eve! :)

24 12 2007

here is the lovely new dress from devilish cupcake… i got the gold one and it includes an opera gown and a cute babydoll dress 🙂  the shorty dress has two layers and it looks pretty good inworld. make it a nice outfit for christmas parties 🙂

i think it goes well with the skin (Mellie2-Honey-[glittery gold/redred gloss]) from blowpop; it’s a group gift of the blowpop update group~~

jewelry is the princess krystelle set by alienbear~ i love it! =) everything, (i mean the tiara, earrings, necklace, bracelets and ring) looks perfect and elegant… her designs are all unique and i heard ppl say they look even better when u wear them – i just totally agree~ 😛 


outfit: DC~Merry Shorty dress & Opera Gown-Gold by devilish cupcake
jewelry: Alienbear Design (Xmas07 Princess Krystelle Set White)
hair: ETD Sofia – Blonde
skin: ~bp~ Mellie2-Honey-[glittery gold/redred gloss] (group gift) by blowpop / (CS) Vogue Skin – Champagne (Rose – Glitter)
eyes: (CS) Optics – Mirror Series – Blurple
lashes: Cake – Bedroom Lashes
heels: ~*ZHAO*~ “Sadie” shoes (free gift)

Dec 20

20 12 2007

just a quick post~
i know its been almost 2 weeks… lol i’ve been pretty busy in rl, preparing for christmas 🙂 obviously everyone in sl is ready for christmas too… guess im bit behind lol~ anyway, i think i’ll have to do my christmas shopping real quick, before christmas arrives hehe 🙂

kk, until next time…

Dec 8

8 12 2007

been very busy in both rl and sl… but i really want to blog this place – Black Swan~ im adding this place to my must visit places in sl folder 🙂 the sim is well-designed and all the sculptures are really amazing… i dunno how to describe that with words, but if u have time u should really visit the place~ it’s a whole lot of fun to follow the path, btw 😉





don’t leave yet after u go down the path… fly up to about 400m and u’ll see this… totally amazing!