Nov 24

24 11 2007

I *rushed* to Dreamin’g Alice after reading Sai Pennell’s post on her blog. those eyes are really amazing and i just HAD to add them to my collection 🙂 i eventually got the Nights, Real Glass, and Shooting Star eyes.
(well im not doing an eye post today and she has already posted this… but i really want to mention the lovely eyes here =] )

Vapalu dropped me another adorable outfit the other day… actually few days ago, or weeks lol. it’s a cute pink fairy outfit for girls like me who fancied to be in those tales when was still a kid~ lol

i especially like the skirt as it gives me a very light feeling – the texture and prim setting are awesome. the other thing is the flower tattoos on the arms and legs~ they’re very pretty in-world 🙂 the ballet-slipper-like heels are included as well… the only thing that (i personally think) can be removed is the bling~ i know some people may like bling a lot, but i dont need too much bling myself lol 🙂 other than that, the whole outfit is pretty cute~


outfit: Fairy Tale Pink from ~Vapalu Designs~; hair: Lindsay – Pink Frosted from ETD; jewelry: SassyII White Pearl Set from Alienbear Design; skin: Vogue Skin – Champagne (Rose – Glitter) from CS; eyes: Real Glass Eyes Violet from Dreaming’s Alice.


Nov 20

20 11 2007

i’m one of the unfortunate residents who can’t log into the main grid at the moment… so i found some pics i took ages ago~~



(click to enlarge)

outfit: Swan Lake Dream White from Nicky Ree; slippers: *SS* Ballet Slippers – White Satin from Allure by Sparkle Skye; hair: Anisa – Nickel from ETD; skin: Vogue Skin – Summer Series – 3 – Champagne from CS; hat: Gracile – White from illusions.

Nov 16

16 11 2007

i’ve got a new doggie from zooby’s 🙂 earlier i got another pet there as well, and i couldn’t forget the adorable puppies they have there 🙂 so finally, i went back and got a black lab~~ we call him Strudel~



and well, WINDLIGHT is back!!! i love it so much :DDD the sky and water are so beautiful~ ah yeah, and the sun!

(click for normal size)

what i’m wearing: hair: Lindsay – Blonde from ETD; jewelry: Wish from RC; Gown: *DG* Innovations – Fine Fashion (94, 127, 31) Gowns – Mana; heels: Spring Romance Shoes Roslin from Nicky Ree; skin: Vogue Skin – Spring Series (Vernal) – Champagne from CS.

Nov 11 – Condolences

11 11 2007

My sincere condolences to friends and family of Ginny. I didn’t know him personally, but I’ve always loved his creations, so when I heard about that, I was shocked and now I feel pretty sad. I will never forget you Ginny, and thanks for everything you’ve given us.

– Dorothy Willis

WSPA Clothing Competition

8 11 2007

Marissa Meltzer imed me yesterday and told me about a clothing competition~ so if ur a clothing designer, u may be interested in it 🙂

depo 5, depo 5 (42, 79, 34)
We have launched a competiton for all fashion designers and budding fashion designers to design an item of clothing for the World Society of Protection of Animals.

The clothing should contain some sort of reference to the charity, whether it be the charities logo or simply an animal- feel free to use your imagination! The more creative the better!!

We are offering a 50,000L$ prize to the best design entrant.

Further infor on the charity van be found here

Please contact Marissa Meltzer for any further information, or to send your entries.

The closing date for this competition is 12/31/2007.

Nov 6 – eyes 2

6 11 2007

so it’s been a month since i did my first post about eyes… i’ve been thinking of what to pick for this post and i’ve finally chosen the Calypso eyes from Amaretto. there are six shades in total: Seafoam, Honolulu, Luau, Orient, Malibu and Daquiri – lovely names, eh? 🙂
so, what makes the series special? look closer and u’ll see what it’s reflecting – a beautiful island sunset~

i’ve only got Daquiri tho, as it’s my favorite color (u know, i usually wear purple/violet eyes~) =]  i think a lighter shade like seafoam would look good on an avatar too.

(picture taken at Amaretto [2nd floor])