Oct 27 – depo fashion show

27 10 2007

went to the fashion show at depo yesterday at 8am slt. it was mostly business clothing, but some are casual, i think. so anyway, here are some pics of the show… (btw, it was surprisedly super long in duration…)




(I kinda like the black jacket (on the right), but i forgot to take a bigger pic :P)


Oct 21

21 10 2007

vapalu dropped me her new costumes yesterday… something for halloween again 😀 Mummy!

this is really fun, cute, sexy and special~ i quite like the prim setting and the texture on it, especially love the back =] it’s now avaliable in ~Vapalu Designs~


she even has a glowing version – good for night!


outfits: mummy/mummy in green by ~VD~ Vapalu Designs; skin: (DN) Vogue Skin – Champagne (Ether – Empty)

Oct 20

20 10 2007

in the post on Oct 14, i mentioned a pair of boots which i had no idea where they were from. thanks to Vivianne Draper, they’re actually the Deimos boots from Dark Eden. they’re NO freebies, tho i said “…look like freebies anyway”. i didn’t mean they looked like freebies (tho i think there’re quite a lot of well-made freebies in sl), and i said that because i was sure i hadn’t bought the boots and they were no transfer so i must have grabbed them somewhere for free… so i assumed they could be freebies or lucky chair prizes or hmm… anyway, a friend of mine later told me that she’d got the same pair of boots in the slcc magic mushroom hunt and i remember i was at the hunt too… so obviously i got them there 🙂 anyway, here they are…
hair: Eva – Black from ETD; outfit: ryann black from Adored Clothing; boots: Deimos boots from Dark Eden; skin: (DN) Vogue Skin – Champagne (Ether – Empty); jewelry: The Dauphine Limited Edition Group Gift (silver/jet) by Muse.

Oct 16

16 10 2007

a good friend of mine is getting married very soon… her wedding planner has decided that we bridesmaids should wear something like this lol
it’s a simple gown from ViciV. im also wearing the whole set of the lucky chair prizes from alienbear designs 🙂

gown: *ViciV* Gloria Gown Taupe; hair: Tasha – Blonde from ETD; skin: Vogue Skin – Champagne (Rose – Glitter) from CS; jewelry: Queen Heidi from Alienbear Designs.

after taking the pic above, i happened to look at the recent items in my inv and suddenly remembered the prizes i’d got from the treasure hunt at innovations. yeah, i’ve got all 21 prizes :DD but these two gowns are certainly my fav~ they’re actually the same as the free grand opening gowns i got the other day, just two different colors and i like them a lot~~ so without changing my hair or jewelry, i took a few more pics lol…


gowns: *DG* Innovations – Grand Opening Gowns (spider hunt prizes)

Oct 14 – something for halloween~ trick or treat?

16 10 2007

Allegory Malaprop dropped me this cute treat bucket which u can grab it for free at Schadenfreude (the coffin gift box) ~

so… when u touch it, u get a random item (candy and costuming stuff…) and with a few easy commands, u can actually play the trick-or-treat animation, turn on or off the lights in it 🙂 it’s really a lot of fun playing with it hehe~

the necklaces also a freebie from Schadenfreude~  

(click to enlarge)

(hair: eva 1 from ETD; outfit: ryann black from Adored Clothing; boots: i have no idea… look like some freebies anyway =])

Oct 13

13 10 2007

i have to blog this…

mui tped me to Innovations today and got these two free gowns~ they’re really adorable and at the same time, elegant 🙂 theres also a spider hunt there; the prizes are pretty good too~ the necklace and earrings im wearing in this pic are both prizes of the hunt~

(click to enlarge)

gowns: *DG* Innovations – Grand Opening Gown – Black & Champagne; hair: Janette – Blonde from ETD; crown: GOLD Queen heidi Crown (white) (lucky chair prize) by Alienbear Designs; necklace and earrings: Adorned Juilet – hunting prizes at *DG* Innvoations; skin: (CS) Vogue Skin – Champagne (Fall – 3).

Oct 9 ~happy bday to me!

9 10 2007

just a quick post… happy birthday to me!!!
lol yeah it’s my rl bday TODAY~ hehe im feeling old 🙂