Sep 24

24 09 2007

this is “Skullie Doll”, new from Encore. I headed to Encore for this at once when i saw it on a blog~
it’s a babydoll with a nice shrug. it looks pretty cute on the picture, and it’s just even better when u wear it 🙂 the little skullie pattern is cute too~ the whole dress is quite simple, clear and, again, cute 😛
im still wearing the Simple Life Expressions pendant in black from Vertically Challenged, switching the expression every 5 mins lol~~

dress: Skullie Doll from Encore; pendant: Simple Life Expressions – black from Vertically Challenged; hair: Abigail – Blackberry by ETD; earrings: Juliette by Earthtones Boutique; shoes: Vintage Strappy Pumps – black from Shiny Things.


Sep 23 – ACS

23 09 2007

my friend artistic fimicoloud’s work is hanging over the sim~~
anyway, please come and join us 🙂 tho i dont think i can get up at that time lol…

Sep 19

19 09 2007

i visited the expo again today cos i realised i had missed something from Vertically Challenged~

yep, the “simple life expressions”~ it’s scripted with 16 different expressions. they look really cute and well-made 🙂 the price is reasonable – 125L for all three pendants, in black, silver and gold.
the top im wearing is a lucky chair prize from It’s All Good and i like it much~ pants and earrings are group gifts from Frangipani designs~
(click to enlarge)
top: Lady Beater (Yellow) by It’s All Good; pants: Entourage Glitter (Black) by Frangipani Designs; heels: Pink Pearls by… hmmm not sure, a friend of mine made them i guess; hair: Tasha – Blonde/ Luth – Honey Burnt by ETD; pendant: Simple Life Expressions [Expo] by Vertically Challenged; earrings: Ice Earrings (Green/Gold) by Frangipani Designs.

i still like the harp pendant i got earlier this week… and i love to play the harp! (and japanese flute too lol)

(click to enlarge)
dress: Spring Romance Short Dress – Roslin from Nicky Ree; shoes: Spring Romance Shoes Roslin (matching shoes) by Nicky Ree; hair: Tasha – Blonde by ETD; jewelry: Harp Pendant – silver by Vertically Challenged.

ahh, grid is down now… please view my last post for the slurl to vertically challenged, and my picks for other stores.

Sep 17 – Jewelry Expo

17 09 2007

im back! rl had been taking over~~

so the Jewelry Expo has started… if i remember it right, it should be from september 15 – 22~ i checked that out this afternoon and grabbed some nice stuff (including freebies 😀 lol)

these pendants from Vertically Challenged are absolutely my favorite! 🙂 the pack includes 4 harp pendants (Gold, Gold + Silver, Silver, Silver + Gold… well silver + gold is different from gold + different…) the harp is very detailed and elegant 🙂


(click to enlarge)

jewelry: (Vertically Challenged) Harp Pendants [Expo]; hair: Tasha – Blonde by ETD; top: Elizabeth Sequined Top – silver from Last Call (retired); Pants: Dazzle Capris (extremely faded) from Last Call (retired).

Lux Yao of Amaretto has put a lovely gown there at the expo for just 1L$~ this is just so nice :))

(click to enlarge)
gown: Special Occasion Gown by Amaretto; hair: Tasha – Chestnut by ETD; jewelry: Dark Starflake Deep Purple Lady 5L gift set by Alienbear Designs.

Alienbear has lots of nice new released and freebies too~

(click to enlarge)

jewelry: Starflake Rose Zircon Lady 5L gift set by Alienbear Designs; hair: Tasha – Blonde by ETD; dress: Summer Breeze – Grace by Nicky Ree.
(click to enlarge)

jewelry: Staric Saphire Lady necklace (1L gift) by Alienbear Designs; hair: Tasha – Black by ETD; bangle: [Woo’s!] Zebra Schmebra Messy Bangle (free gift at expo); dress: Kalena Dress (Purple) by franigipani designs.

u may notice that im wearing tasha for hair in these pics – yep, i love this style!

please check out my picks for links to places i haven’t included the slurls here.

September 8 – ETDs reopened!

8 09 2007

yeah, ETD is finally back, with a new store, new textures and styles! 🙂

not hard to imagine the lag there… terrible 😛 lucky that i’ve got the demos and so i went home to try them on first. the textures are really awesome and have improved a lot~ after all elika is one of the best in sl 🙂 woohoo, welcome back!

now im off to experience the lag again…

[5.44am SLT]
i need a better computer for the lag… just crashed…lol
well anyways, i’ve got something from frangipani… it’s the new dress “Kalena Dress” and i got my favorite color~~ 🙂 there’re 6 shades in total, 200L$ each and 1k for all. the texture is pretty good, and prim setting isnt too bad; well at least i dont see my legs when walking lol~

(click to enlarge)

dress: Kalena Dress (Purple) from Frangipani Designs; heels: Caliah from LC (1L$ gift); hair: Mostaccioli from Frangipani Designs; jewelry: Juliette N&E Set from Earthtones.

and from barerose… i’ve got “Noble Fleur” there~ really nice victorian dress in six shades, just 150L$! i kinda like the neckribbon~ this is just so lovely :)) im just showing two of the six and they’re my fav. hair is new from ETD~ 😀
(click to enlarge)

outfit: Noble Fleur from BareRose; hair: Shanna from ETD; earrings: Earthtones.
well i need to try my luck again lol~

September 4 – summer’s not over yet!

4 09 2007

it’s september but still very hot here in Hong Kong!

a friend of mine took me to Sleek Beach Club the other day and it’s one of the nicest beaches i’ve ever been to. so today i went back there again 🙂 u can do a lot there, like water-skiing, windsurfing and kiteboarding. it’s a place where u can have a lot of fun when ur bored :))
the bikini im wearing is Baila from Last Call and it’s my favorite. the necklace is perfect for summer, don’t u think? it’s from Miam Miam at Sunset Arts. MM has some new/upgraded items, so it’s definitely worth checking out 😉 the corkies (lol yea, i wear them instead of sandals) are free from coconut ice but i think they’re cute 🙂 not sure if they’re still available cos i got them long time ago… i have copy and transfer permissions anyways.

(click to enlarge)

bikini: Baila Bikini Set from Last Call; necklace: Yummy Charm Necklace from Miam Miam; corkies: Butterfly Pavilion Corkies, free from Coconut Ice; hair: Eva in black from ETD/ Lola in honey from Gurl6; skin: Vogue skin (noir/spring) from CS.