August 30

30 08 2007

yesterday, someone asked for the landmarks i’d mentioned here as i seldom included the slurl in my posts. so i’ve just edited my Picks and included most places that i think i’d mention. guess it’s a better way than adding links everytime cos im just too lazy to do that 😛

(click to enlarge)

when i saw this at Tete a Pied, i just couldn’t help but bought this. It looked really good on the picture, and the real thing is just even better. there were 6 or 8 colors to choose from (oops i cant remember), and i bought the black one cos it looked the best 🙂

outfit: Fevrier Outfit Black by TaP; hair: Alexandra II from ETD; heels: Vintage Strappy Pumps from Shiny Things; jewelry: Juliette N&E Set from Earthtones/ RC.


August 28

28 08 2007

i was organising my clothing folder today, and found a folder named Silky Vixen. There’re 6 different colors of the same design. it’s kind of simple but i pretty like it. this nice design is from BareRose; 120L$ for 6 dresses.


(click to enlarge)

outfit: Silky Vixen from BareRose; hair: lindsay from ETD; jewellery from Earthtones Boutique; heels:Aemilia fatpack from Viva

August 27

27 08 2007

Kru’s boutique is having a sale to celebrate their 2nd anniversary~ everythings 50% off~~ so i visited the store for the first time and found these cute little bunnies 🙂 well, some are giants tho…

August 25 – a lot going on!

26 08 2007

last call is extremely laggy – worse than ever lol… probably because of the new 1L$ gifts?! anyway, in spite of the lag, everyone rushed to lc to get them…

(click to enlarge)

outfits: Rae 1L$ gifts (emerald, aubergine, sangria, sea) by last call; hair: eva (blonde) by etd; jewellery: Dark SassyII Black Pearl Set by Alienbear Design; heels: Caliah 1L$ gifts (emerald, aubergine, sangria, sea) by last call vamp.
the well-made black pearl set is just L$10 only 🙂

there was an asian fashion show but i missed it as i just couldn’t get up at that early time… heard that there were lots of nice designs~  but i got this gorgeous new dress from nicky ree~ like mui, i’ve taken a lot of pics lol~~

outfit: Kebaya Gown – White/Red Rose from Nicky Ree; hair: Lindsay by ETD/Mostaccioli by FD; jewellery: SassyII White Pearl Set by Alienbear Design (L$10 set)

August 22

22 08 2007

i know it’s been a while again but i was real busy :p… grid is down now, so i have time to update hehe 🙂
well a lot has happened since i last posted. i’ve made some more furniture but haven’t taken pics yet~~
besides working, i’ve been exploring and discovered some nice places~~
AND, im in love again *smiles*


ok, something about fashion…
Rebel Hope was having two sales at the costume theatre and bridal boutique. i wasn’t so interested in bridal stuff, so didn’t even go lol but, i did get something from the costume theater 🙂 
oops, i dont remember the outfits’ names… anyways, i got the angel outfit and the fairy outfit~ especailly loved the boxes (a harp and a mushroom)… well, hope u know what im talking about~
(found some nice places to take pics of my fairy outfit =] )

Musical Forest @ Mystica
(hair from Frangipani Designs)

still Mystica
(hair: winsome from naughty)
same place…
oh no help!! LOL… im at my right size here at Greenies’ Home


(hair: sea nymph from etd – retired)


something else:

well if u have read mui or alienbear’s blogs, then u may know where this is from~~
right, the beautiful outfit is called Grace Time fromDiamonX Studio. and guess what, the price was only L$150!!! :DD necklace and earrings are now on sale at Earthtones Boutique (199 for multi colors; 119 for single color)~ well again i dont remember the name… hair is Luth from ETD.

yesterday my bf nab showed me an amusement park called primz heart,, or something (lol i have the word “primz” on my brain… one of the best selling tools… LOL) it was a very very nice place, and there i found a boat… tho it was probably not a pirate’s one, i wore my pirate queen outfit…
outfit is Pirate Queen from BareRose; hair is Lisa II from ETD; skin was retired from last call, but heard that it might be re-released again… well i’ll vote yes for re-releasing the whole collection!! (i guess u’ve read lc’s blog too… right?!)

on also showed me an awesome place, cocololo island~ we had an adventure there rofl

outfit from G.L.A.M.; boots from…ummm; hair from Frangipani Designs.
this is my first hair from Frangipani Designs, and i find that i like it much~~ i mean FD’s hair~ they have some nice styles and the textures are super good,,, even tho my head was way too big and i had to use some time to adjust the hair…

this awesome underwater world is in cocololo island as well~~

lol big animals…

oh btw, toto and barry have become friends!! they are so cute ❤


and this is louis’s new store at landon:


August 9

9 08 2007

Thanks for Niko for this beautiful dress from last call 🙂




(dress: la muse from last call; hair: lola from gurl6; heels: from shiny things)


oh look! the big teddy tip jar in rock & growl :DDDD thanks kurt for putting him there 🙂

august 2

2 08 2007

yesterday, i had a feeling that i should be a tiny bunny lol… so i got the tiny av, finally 🙂


bought a nice dress for her too :))



i just like little animals~~

and today, last call and cs were open again, finally… 🙂 so i gotta do some shopping hehe :p









Diane Dress (group gift)



Jacqui – $1L Gift