july 30

30 07 2007

i can tell SL IS AT ITS WORST these days!!!

we’re now stuck in ETD… so it gives me some time to update my blog lol~~


well i guess a lot of u have tried the photo booth thingy… it’s really fun hehe :)) u get full permission of that so u can give it out as a special gift~~


last saturday (july 28) when i logged in, lynsey invited me to a show by Komuso Tokugawa on her island, woodstock.
there were many ppl that the sim was soon full… komuso was totally awesome, as awesome as his av… yeah, his av was really interesting~~



got something from rfl as well… well, i mention this simply because everyones still talking about rfl… lol


July 23

23 07 2007

spent a wonderful evening with vap 🙂 she showed me her new house and new tifa~~ then i brought her to my new home~~


oh yeah, my new home~~



with very beautiful view~~





July 22

22 07 2007

before my trip in rl, nabrej took me to a nice sim, Icarus. the theme of the sim is obviously the myth~

and i found this well-made statue of icarus~~



i used to think icarus was silly, but i had another feeling this time… well at least, he had the courage to realise his dream, to escape from what trapped him.

anyways… i have a new home 🙂 thanks to cas~~ btw, cas is making clothes too!! look at her beautiful butterfly outfit!! 😀


and i got g.l.a.m.’s group freebies today… really nice jeans 🙂

at night, got an invitation to cafe diego at diegoland~~ johnfx falta was playing live :))

July 17

17 07 2007

well, it’s impossible for me to organise my inventory now…
may have to spend some hundred hours lol~

but i was wondering what i really had in my inventory, so i spent some time trying some of the items…

i found a lot of amazing stuff, including a nice outfit from awesome designs.

i dont remember when i bought that, so it was probably a freebie~~

it contains two shirts, two prim skirts (long and short), a pair of gloves and a pair of heels (all in black).

also bought a new skin from CS (champagne – spring series) 🙂

July 16

16 07 2007

yeah, it’s been very long :p

i become a mermaid!!


and i’ve got a puppy… actually two, but their names are both Toto 🙂 of course! hehe

(well, this outfit is from Last Call… yeah, the big sale!! =])

another new release from last call:

pink! just 1L$ 🙂

the pair of shoes i bought yesterday just perfectly matches this 😉

Sugar Pumps (rose) by SHINY THINGS

July 4

4 07 2007

woohoo, im a mermaid!! 😀

well, please let me know if ur interested in land/apartments/houses/shops buying/selling/renting, as well as galleries 🙂 IM me in-world~