June 16 – 17

18 06 2007

June 16

bought a cape as i felt like to get one~

it was from avilion. they have a lot of good ones.

however, it just doesn’t go with any of my medieval outfits lol~

the pictures were taken on Ingo’s new island. He has a new sky house and a nice tiki beach house… 🙂

June 17

Math showed me an amazing place~ he called it one of the best textured place in sl…

and i totally agreed 😉


June 10

10 06 2007

I’m getting happier and happier 🙂
mandi’s new room

mui’s home

June 8

8 06 2007

seems i have the bp background in all my pics… LOL
im a cowgirl! hehe :p

June 6; evening

7 06 2007

hehe, i bought a pair of rainbow eyes~~ i remember that cas also has such pair of eyes and i really liked them, so i couldn’t help but buy it~

ah, before that, yosef and i went to extrovirtual and i felt like getting a tiny av…

so i tried on one to see how it’d like

hehe i love tiny world!

June 4

4 06 2007

went to louis’s housewarming party this morning (or afternoon…)
i was really late tho as i had rehearsal in rl this morning~ :p
it was a short visit only, but it was pretty fun 🙂

me @ louis’s sky palace

June 3

3 06 2007

back to my favorite club today and met a new friend Tame 🙂

ever seen a panda riding a tiger?! hehe~

barry and i lol